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 Too many forums

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Too many forums Empty
PostSubject: Too many forums   Too many forums EmptyTue May 18, 2010 8:18 pm

The site has WAY too many forums. I don't have anything against organization and modularization, but there is an uncanny amount of forums and it seems like a lot of these could be merged. Since I don't like to offer criticism without offering suggestions for improvement, here are my thoughts:

Public (All can view, only registered forum members can post)
  1. General Discussion
  2. Off-Topic
  3. Buying/Selling
  4. Recruitment Info/Charter

Private (Only guild members can view and post)
  1. General Discussion
  2. Event Planning
  3. Site Feedback
  4. Tradeskills
  5. Photos (Actually, a CMS would probably be better so you can maintain a front page with events / photos, etc. Then leave it off the forum. Just an idea.)

Admin (Only guild admin can view and post)

Anyway, those are just my suggestions and, of course, should only be viewed as such. drunken

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Too many forums Empty
PostSubject: Re: Too many forums   Too many forums EmptyWed May 19, 2010 4:03 pm

Thanks for your feedback.
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Too many forums
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