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 D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10

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D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 Empty
PostSubject: D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10   D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EmptyMon May 17, 2010 9:42 am

Loved it! Hailene's first night out, and we killed two D-Maps. First one was in SoS, second in Oasis. It all went pretty well, only one wipe at the end of the second map, but even with that we did a lot better than we prolly should have (how many of those golems were there on that chest-pop wave?) Good job on everyone's part.

Gathering in Athica....the calm before the storm
D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EQ000077

One of the first few waves in SoS.
D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EQ000078

Group Heal ftw
D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EQ000079

Ganging up on a fire elemental. Ella decided to kick back here, I guess? Kef, get a hold of your pet!
D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EQ000080

After playing whack-a-mole on some nighthounds, we all ass-pounded a shadelord. Hellin was especially pleased. And check out Sissie the Monk AFK fighting.
D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EQ000081

Loot from first map. Bah, no wizzie loot, lol. Gratz Wiirau on the belt, and either Hellin or Wiirau on the cape. Someone correct me if I am wrong here.
D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EQ000082

Gathered in GD for next map, then decided we needed another Dmap. But here we all are nonetheless.
D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EQ000083

Gatheing in Oasis for the next map. Not sure about you guys, but this one was tougher for me, even with Azeroth helping with the DPS.
D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EQ000084

It was so tough, in fact, that I didn't get to take many pics. But I did get the loot! Gratz Callah on the Scepter, and Hellin on Ebb.
D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EQ000085

We learned a lot (namely that Hellin has a fan group dedicated to his own ogre-ass), we gained some XP, and lewted some phatz. Good job Hailene, looking forward to doing it again.
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D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10   D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EmptyMon May 17, 2010 12:18 pm

Wowzers! We rocked on both maps. And one wipe ain't bad for our first D Map raid! We might even try a VD on the next one!!

Let's rock Hailene!

P.S. Thanks Gamot for the Screenshots!
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D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10   D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EmptyMon May 17, 2010 1:58 pm

woah awesome! good work last night guys! we rock!

ps: there were like 4 golems and 2 shadelords + their pets or something.. crazy last wave!
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D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 Empty
PostSubject: Awsome   D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 EmptyMon May 17, 2010 2:37 pm

Yo Gamo
awsome Screen shots ..... Great Team work last nite guys .... Hailene's first D maps 100 % awsomeness

look foward to much more fun with my new family

Veteran Hellin Tankz
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D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10   D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10 Empty

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D-Map Raid (2) 05-16-10
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